Current Groups:

  • Judy Moor (Leopardstown)
  • Dave & Sandy (Rathfarnham)

Contact us if you are interested in a group beginning in your area

Home-groups help facilitate our vision to:

  • Connect
  • Grow
  • Shine

 Why home groups?

The church described in the Book of Acts was a vibrant community of believers who met in one another’s homes, as well as in public places.

In South City Church (SCC) we understand this to represent the ‘two-winged’ rhythm of corporate church life.

Home groups provide a context for relationships to be built stronger, unity to be nurtured, needs to be met, prayer to flow, worship to rise, spiritual gifts to be exercised, the Word of God (Bible) to be discussed and implemented, discipleship to take us deeper in maturity, all believers to get involved and function, witnessing to happen and an informal setting to be filled with the Holy Spirit!

Each home group has a leader and new leaders can be prepared as groups multiply.

Home groups are an amazing way to get connected, grow spiritually and learn to love as God intended.


You will be guaranteed a warm welcome and a good cup of coffee!

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